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Passenger vehicles

The Golf GTI

Horses on steroids. The Golf GTI

Starting from 122,693 SR (Price includes VAT)

The Golf R

When technology races forward.

Starting from 183,740 SR (Price includes VAT)

The Jetta

Classic design has never been so innovative.

Starting from 71,190 SR (Price includes VAT)

The Passat

The Passat. As confident as you

Starting from 87,045 SR (Price includes VAT)

The Arteon

Street Art

Starting from 202,125 SR (280 bhp) (Price includes VAT)

Starting from 172,515 SR (190 bhp) (Price includes VAT)

The Tiguan

The undiscovered awaits you.

Starting from 133,245 SR (1.4) (Price includes VAT)

Starting from 152, 145 SR (2.0) (Price includes VAT)

Passenger vehicles

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