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The Touareg Special Edition.

The Touareg Special Edition promises a powerful performance with its progressive design. And it keeps its promise – both on the road and off-road.

Equipment & design.

Make yourself comfortable in your Touareg Special Edition. Its extensive basic equipment, the uncomplicated handling and many convenient extras ensure that you can enjoy every day with it in a very relaxed way.

  • Interior

    With the new Touareg you will feel equally at home in the wilderness as you will in urban climes. This is also reflected in the off-roader’s interior. Here contemporary design meets natural materials: the optionally available “Bonanza Brown” leather and the smooth “Sapelli Mahagoni” wood inlay immediately catch the eye. If you use the new rotary switch you will notice the striking knurling, which makes it easier to precisely adjust the settings. The trim colors for the Touareg blend perfeclty with the high-quality materials. An intelligent lighting architecture is also included with the interior concept for the new Touareg. The white courtesy lights makes it easier to find your way at night, for instance, without dazzling.

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  • Exterior

    The new Touareg is compelling down to the smallest detail with its clear, unmistakeable design idiom. Its front stands out with a compact radiator guard. Striking bumpers with a stylish trim guard round off the off-roader’s impressive front-end. Its contemporarily designed front fog lights ensure that you can retain an overview even on difficult terrain. The powerful rear-end is given a visual forwards thrust thanks to the restyled bumper and diffuser as well as the honed tornado line on the tailgate.

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  • Design packages

    On the new Touareg you instantly see just what fantastic driving pleasure it offers. The standard specification includes a black painted radiator grille with tasteful chrome strips on the individual louvres. The optionally available “Chrome & Style” design package features a sophisticated centre air inlet with chrome surround, a continuous chrome strip across the bumpers and side sills as well as chromed frames around the side windows. The step at the rear is also chrome-plated. The stainless-steel loading-sill protector on the luggage compartment is a practical feature. The lower bumper sections and the sills have been colour-coded. Two rectangular chromed tailpipes complete the picture, creating a graceful, elegant overall impression.

  • For everyone that thinks big.

    The new Touareg comes with a selection of alloy wheels which will get you quickly and stylishly to your destination. From the sporty 17-inch “Sonora” alloy wheels through the dynamic 18-inch "Karakum" alloy wheels or the 19-inch "Everest" alloy wheels. Its pronounced assertiveness is reflected in the new 20-inch “Masafi” alloy wheels with their sporty 5-spoke design, which are available as an option. The 21-inch "Mallory" Wheels with their five twin spokes also come across as elegant.

  • A variety of colours

    You can demonstrate good taste with your colour selection. For each of the four new paintwork options that are optionally available for the Touareg stand out with understatement and stylishness. The “Light Silver Metallic”, “Sand Gold Metallic” and “Moonlight Blue Pearl Effect” colour variants guarantee you a classically stylish appearance. And you will also cut a fine figure in any surroundings with the contemporary, striking “Black Oak Brown” and “Reef Blue Metallic” colour variations.

  • Opt for timeless elegance.

    Give your interior a premium look and feel with optional “Cricket” leather equipment. The unmistakable smell of leather welcomes you as soon as you step in. You can enjoy the incomparable feeling of luxury trim on every journey.

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Lean back and drive on. The new Touareg offers you luxurious comfort and exclusive driving pleasure at the highest level

  • Climatronic

    Too hot, too cold or somewhere in between? With the standard 4-zone “Climatronic” you can also keep a cool head in urban traffic. Four occupants can individually adjust airflow, air distribution and the temperature to their own requirements.

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  • Memory packages

    On the Touareg you only need to remember one thing – that it will remember everything for you; whether it’s the position of the driver’s seat or the electric exterior mirrors. For instance, the front-passenger exterior mirror automatically tilts down when reversing to make parking and manoeuvring easier – and automatically returns to its preset position afterwards. The “Premium” memory package also stores the settings for the steering column, the front seats and the seat belt height.

Assistance Systems.

Could you use a little help in everyday life? Intelligent driver assistance systems don’t just provide more comfort, but can also help you to cope with tricky situations.

  • Always see what’s going on behind.

    Thanks to the “Rear View” camera you can now anticipate even when reversing. The field of vision of the camera behind your vehicle is shown on the display of the radio or radio/navigation system. Guidelines are superimposed while parking, which provide you with additional orientation in the camera’s limited field of vision. This enables you to easily approach any obstacle, no matter whether it is a bumper or a kerbstone. And hitching up a trailer becomes much simpler too.

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  • Parking distance warning system

    An acoustic signal also helps you come to a perfect stop even when you are performing complicated parking manoeuvres. The signal alerts you to the remaining distance at the front and rear – with the frequency of the acoustic signals increasing as the vehicle draws closer to the obstacle, up to a continuous signal where the distance is under 30 cm. The distance to obstacles is shown in the radio or radio/navigation system display, within system limits, along with your precise position. So nerves don’t get frayed when your view is impeded.

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The road is simply never-ending for the new Touareg as it effortlessly masters even tricky terrain. And will even let you ford through water up to half a metre deep.

  • Off-road display

    Anyone that has to get to their destination no matter what will find a way. And that’s now even easier: with the off-road display on the optional “RNS 850” radio/navigation system. On the high-resolution TFT colour display you can pinpoint your location at any time, thanks also to the new compass and altitude display. On loose ground and when moving off the display of the steering angle is helpful. The display of usage of the differential locks can also prove useful off-road.

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    Veritable talent comes through off the beaten track. And here the new Touareg stands out four times over. The 4XMOTION permanent four-wheel drive optimally distributes the entire power at all times between the front and rear axles, and between the wheels of each axle – thus ensuring optimum traction. The V6 FSI “Terrain Tech”* is the ideal choice for drivers that are more likely to tackle extreme terrain. It has 5 different stages, which the driver selects via a rotary switch to adjust the suspension setting optimally to the particular terrain. Depending on the ground conditions, you are assisted by a reduction gear unit and differential locks.

    *Terrain Tech is available as S, SE, SEL and SPORT

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  • Never flags. Not even on steep slopes.

    The new Touareg is a veritable mountain climber. Where others give up, it gives its all. Even slopes of up to 45° won’t stop it: the equivalent of 100% climbing ability. The Touareg only knows one way and that’s uphill. Here the hill start assist will help you stop and move off on steep slopes. The hill descent assist will then help you drive down safely under full control.

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The new Touareg provides you with state-of-the-art technology. For whether off-road or on-road – its technology is groundbreaking in every respect.

  • Coasting

    Free ride included.

    You often get furthest if you simply let things run their course. The new Touareg features a coasting function that allows the vehicle to utilise its kinetic energy more effectively and cover a longer distance coasting without consuming fuel. As soon as the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator pedal, the engine is separated from the gearbox. If the brake pedal is pressed, the engine is engaged again, reducing the vehicle’s coasting distance. This is possible even at high speeds and hence also on motorways. The savings achieved in this way can in some cases amount to 0.5 l/100 km and more. The engine is also switched off when the vehicle comes to a stop using the start-stop system at speeds under 7 km/h.

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  • Bi-Xenon

    The intelligent 35 W Bi-Xenon headlights provide optimum lighting conditions and automatically adjust to the particular environment. The dynamic cornering light for dipped and main beam always follows your steering movements. The dipped beam also adjusts to your driving style and modifies the length and width of the cone of light depending on the speed. The dynamic headlight range control also takes into account your vehicle’s load. And the striking LED daytime running lights will quickly draw admiring looks.

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  • BlueMotion Technology

    The V6 FSI engines with BlueMotion Technology prove that driving pleasure and a sense of responsibility can go hand in hand. They achieve their low fuel consumption thanks to weight optimisation, innovative thermal management and a start-stop system with regenerative braking. The 8-speed automatic gearbox, the efficiency-optimised alternators and the intelligent energy management during the overrun phases also help increase efficiency.

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  • Multi-collision brake

    The new Touareg automatically initiates braking after a collision, within the limits of the multi-collision brake system, if the driver can no longer respond themselves. This enables the severity of the accident to be mitigated and follow-on collisions avoided in the ideal scenario. The driver is able to take control of the car again at any time.

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R-Line equipment.

Demonstrate what the “Sport” in “Sport Utility Vehicle” stands for: with Touareg R-Line equipment.

  • R-Line "Exterior"

    The R-Line “Exterior” package promises pure dynamics: the R-Line front and rear bumpers, the sill extensions and the rear spoiler accentuate the athletic character of the Touareg. The R-Line logo adorns the radiator grille, and the gloss black diffuser with two chrome-plated, angular tailpipes is an unmistakeably sporty eye-catcher at the rear. As standard, the R-Line “Exterior” package features 21-inch "Mallory" alloy wheels and other light alloy wheels can be selected as an optional extra.

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