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Introducing Volkswagen Service Excellence.

With every part, every corner, every aspect of your car taken care of every day, we’ll make sure you can continue doing what you love: Driving your Volkswagen.

Nobody knows your Volkswagen better. And nobody's better equipped to service it. So you never have to go anywhere else. Our factory-trained techs know your Volkswagen inside out. They're experienced pros with the latest diagnostic tools and up-to-the-minute repair techniques to fix your vehicle the first time around. And we use the same high-quality, Volkswagen Genuine Parts® - the same parts used on your Volkswagen when you bought it.

Our service interval of 15,000 km or one year (whichever comes first) is a proof to the superior quality of our cars. But quality doesn’t end here. As a brand that is committed down to the smallest detail, we set out to raise the bar even further with state-of-the-art production processes and excellent workmanship.

Best of all, we have competitive service prices and programmes to keep your car performing at its peak. We absolutely have everything your Volkswagen needs under one roof. All this to deliver Volkswagen Service Excellence to each and every customer.

Volkswagen Service Excellence programs.

Find out more about our Volkswagen Service Excellence programs:

We know your Volkswagen best.